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The Road to 1.0

Big news everyone, Spacebase DF-9 1.0 will be released next month! It’s been a pleasure sharing this experience with those of you who picked the game up during Early Access and provided the feedback that helped shape it into what it has become.

To those who were waiting until the final release to start building a base of your own, we put together this timeline-infographic to show how far we come since Early Access release and what new stuff you can expect:


As for what will be added between now and the 1.0 build, new features will be aimed at providing the complete experience you’d expect of a non-Early Access game: a Tutorial mode to smooth out the early game a bit and help new players learn the basics, and a Goal system that lets you work towards concrete objectives. That as well as over a month’s worth of pure bug-fixing work and final polish.

We’re also pleased to announce we’ll be releasing the game’s full Lua source code a short time after 1.0, which will allow the community to create potentially far-ranging mods that add content, new features, and change some fundamental game behaviors. We’ll of course be sticking around a bit for bug fixing and support, but any new content for the game will now be in your hands. We’re eager to see what people do with this game!

To those who purchased the game early on and donated extra for the “Famous Citizen”, “Stargazer”, and “Extradimensional Entity” tiers: all customer names will be in-game for 1.0, and before long we’ll unveil the poster and art print we’ll be sending out to those customers. Spoiler alert: THEY’RE LOOKING BEAUTIFUL!!

We’re extremely grateful for the support and feedback you’ve given us so far. Thank you for making all this possible. Now, back to work… we’ve got hundreds of bugs to fix before 1.0!

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6e released

  • Gourmand citizens are angered less by eating replicator food.
  • Fixed: Various crashes.

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6d released

  • Scientist job failure anger reduced drastically.
  • Room tool drag sizing guide now includes Reactor.
  • Fixed: Various crashes.
  • Fixed: Brig walls are purple on OSX.

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6c released

  • Starting base colonists get along better now and enjoy Builder duty so they’re less likely to get angry or sad during the early base construction phase.
  • Fixed: A few crash fixes.
  • Fixed: Minor AI issues.
  • Fixed: Can’t unassign people from Brigs.
  • Fixed: Corpses don’t get cleaned up properly.
  • Fixed: Parasites can be assigned to Brigs. We’d like to resolve this in a cooler way in the future.
  • Fixed: UI bugs in Citizen Action Tab.

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6: “Brig Ambitions, Broken Dreams” has been released!  See the patch notes for the full gigantic feature-load, and the above video for an overview of new features.  This update represents almost three months worth of work and adds multiple major new features to the game, including citizen anger, possessions, brig zones, and the long-awaited Power system.

The welfare of your citizens now matters a lot more to the game - if you don’t provide a satisfactory environment for them you’ll have to deal with tantrums, citizen-on-citizen violence, and lower productivity - while the Power system adds more depth to the base-building side of things.

When you first launch Alpha 6 with an old savegame, you’ll see a hint message explaining that a “power holiday” is in effect for the next 10 minutes - this will give you time to build enough Reactors to support your base.  After that, try to keep the lights on!

As always, thanks so much for playing and for the feedback.  We may do a few more bugfix builds for 6 before moving on to what’s next… you’ll hear from us soon!


Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6b released

  • Brawl frequency has been further reduced based on feedback and obversation: positive citizen morale/affinity/temperament now directly works against negative factors, and final computed brawl chance has been halved on top of this.
  • Fixed: Various crashes.

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6a released

  • Brawl frequency has been reduced. Only citizens who are some combination of angry, demoralized, bad-tempered, or dislike each other will brawl now.
  • Fixed: Numerous crashes.

Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 6: "Brig Ambitions, Broken Dreams" released

Major Features / Enhancements:

imagePower is now required for base equipment to function.  The Base Seed serves as a basic starting power reactor, and additional Fusion and Dark Matter Reactors can be built (with enough Matter and Research) to satisfy each object’s “power draw”.  Power flows across connected rooms rather than any kind of wiring system.

imageCitizens can become angry.  Anger builds up over time with unsatisfactory events such as poor job performance, unpleasant social interactions, violence nearby, bad food, etc.  Angry citizens who dislike each other may brawl, fighting until incapacitated.  When a citizen’s anger gets high enough they may have a violent or non-violent outburst, attacking people or sabotaging base equipment.

Citizens can be detained in Brig zones.  Detained citizen anger dissipates over time, but at a cost of removing them from normal citizen life and the work force.  Doors will not open for detained citizens.  If doors lose power, detained citizens may escape. Brigs can be furnished with critical objects such as beds.

Citizens now own and carry possessions, some of which are functional.  They become attached to their possessions, display them on available shelving, and trade for possessions they like more with other citizens.  Citizen affinity for a given possession is based on its qualities such as color, material, shape, etc.

Citizens have affinities for different duties, shown as smiley faces in the Roster and Duty Tab.  Citizens will perform any duty they’re assigned, but may become unhappy over time if they’re stuck with a duty they don’t like.  Likewise, citizens doing a duty they love is good for morale and causes their skills to improve faster.

Objects and Rooms now have a Command Tab, which can be used to issue commands relating to what’s selected.  Objects can be torn down or reclaimed for research, power-consuming objects can be deactivated.

Citizens can now be assigned to beds in Residence zones.  Citizens will always prefer to use an assigned bed, and are happier for doing so.  Citizens will use shelving to display their possessions.

Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes:

  • Changes in individual citizen needs and morale are now tracked via graphs in the Psych Profile Tab.
  • Objects now have an About Tab that contains miscellaneous non-essential information about the object’s use, history, or context in the Spacebase universe.
  • Placing a zone-specific object such as an Oxygen Recycler in an unzoned room will now “auto-zone” that room to its intended function.  Tooltip conveys that this will result on click.
  • The Beacon menu can now set the desired level of Security response for Beacons and other combat situations: on Non-Lethal, security will always attempt to subdue targets using Stun weapons; on Necessary Force security will meet deadly force with deadly force; on Lethal security will always use deadly force in any situation.
  • Tooltips on Beacons show the current response level and target.
  • Turrets still default to only target hostiles but can be set to target all characters in their Command Tab.
  • Selecting an unassigned citizen opens the Duty Tab by default.
  • Security forces waiting for backup at a Beacon set to >1 will display “Waiting for Backup” as their current task.
  • Citizen Spaceface logs now comment on people they know and interesting objects in their surroundings.
  • Plants don’t grow in rooms with no light.
  • Sparks appear briefly when a Technician fails at a maintenance task.
  • Move Door to “All Zones” section of Construct menu, Airlock Door to “Airlock” section.
  • Citizens now sometimes play a “startle” animation when a dangerous situation breaks out.
  • Sabotaged turrets fire at everyone.
  • Shift-[ and shift-] cycle selection through objects in a room.
  • Initial 3 settlers from Base Seed start with higher morale and energy, and lower hunger.
  • Raiders wreck breakable objects if there are no citizens around to attack.
  • Citizens double over wheezing if they have a bad illness.
  • Object tooltips now show owner where applicable. Room tooltips now show bed capacity where applicable.
  • A basic “quick start” mode has been added which allows you to start with a small pre-built base. Access it by selecting the bottom right corner of the galaxy map on the New Base screen.
  • Fixed: Morale shouldn’t change while asleep.
  • Fixed: Various overflow issues on UI text.
  • Fixed: Citizen names appear on cooked meals.

Case File 101204 Excerpt Index # 07 06 05 04 03 02 [01]


Base Administrator Artilect D.A.N. Mk 7, Outpost ZZ-113

Attention, citizens of Spacebase ZZ-113.

Senior Technician Grelnash has been captured and detained in a newly-annexed Brig Zone in Sector Q. Their brief tantrum, which cut power to vital regions of our base, has been halted with minimal loss of life.

As your Administrator, I’ve tried to lead ZZ-113 with fairness and compassion. I hope Grelnash will be able to rejoin us soon, as a happier, more productive citizen of this base.  In the meantime, visitation hours are between 0800 and 1300.

Please report all incidents of fisticuffs, theft, or unauthorized weapon usage to any citizen on Security duty.

Long live Spacebase ZZ-113 and the Diaspora Fleet.

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